These Were Supposed To Be Some Brief Thoughts On Socialism But I Clearly Need An Editor

First of all, I don’t want anybody to feel personally attacked over what I’m about to write about. This isn’t pointed towards any one person, nor even a couple or a few, but rather should serve as a blanket to all. These are just my thoughts on the discussion some people are trying to create on my social media, and rather respond to every one individually or call out their names for fear of either embarrassing them or myself, I’m just putting it all down here instead. Also, I felt that since this new meme seems to be so prevalent, it made more sense to put it all down at once rather than as a reply to so many people’s posts as there were quite a few and having a bunch of running debates on Facebook is not how I want to spend my time.

Over the last few days, I guess since the Conservatives started falling behind the NDP in the polls in the Ontario Provincial election, I’ve been seeing a lot of hyped up rhetoric espousing the evils of Socialism, some even going so far as to say that the ideals of Socialism threaten the very fabric of our civilization. These memes haven’t just been coming from one or two people or just the usual right-wing right-fighters who like to share some of the more inflammatory or trolling things, but they’re also coming from people who are either generally usually quiet on social media or at least don’t post things of a political nature on a regular basis, so it really got me thinking. I’ve been trying very hard over the last little while to stay out of political discussions and debates on social media because it really bothers me that people get so offended or hurt over conversations with otherwise good friends or loved ones to the point where they stop talking, but this anti-Socialism thing seems to be starting to take root, and I’m really trying to find a way to say this non-confrontationally, but those of you who are saying and sharing these things either really don’t mind being blatant hypocrites, or maybe you’re just not thinking about what you’re saying before you say it? I don’t know because I’m honestly puzzled and can’t figure it out. I mean, you do understand that without Socialism, we can’t have a functioning society, right? You have to know that, right?

For the sake of knowing that I said it at least once, Socialism in its simplest explanation, means that we pay taxes to the government, and the government provides us with the things we need to make sure we can live and thrive. Pretty much every government and political system works this way to one extent or another – liberal, conservative, capitalist democracy, communist, even some of the more benevolent dictatorships. That’s the framework of society and of the civilization that it’s apparently somehow threatening. Socialism. Society. Kind of go hand-in-hand when you say them out loud together, no? Just like ‘Michelle, my belle,’ these are words that go together well.

Now, just because I’m using this as a bit of a finger-stretching exercise, I’m just going to riff off and list some of the things we all get to enjoy because of socialism, like paved roads bordered by electric lights and traffic signs and signals to keep us from crashing, clean water in my tap and shower so I won’t smell as much as I constantly fear that I do, police and firefighters and emergency workers for those times when I hopefully never need them, postal delivery so that my lazy ass doesn’t have to go to some sort of far-away depot to pick up my packages while getting all sweaty and smelly again using those good old paved roads I mentioned a second ago, public parks so that I can go read a book beneath a tree in a bounteous and beautiful garden or go adventuring and camping up north if the urge ever comes upon me, and oh yeah, a nice healthy military to keep me safe from those bigger threats that give me nightmares and keep me from sleeping well. And, of course I can’t forget, here in Canada, fully funded healthcare for when I get a scratch or worse.  Not bad. Despite some of my personal qualms, I’ve got to say that when my wife got sick a few years ago and then suffered some pretty severe complications, I was sure pretty happy that her seven weeks full of surgeries and seemingly endless tests and procedures cost me a great big ball of nothing, y’know? We’d already paid for it. Thanks taxes!

But the part that really got me thinking about those anti-Socialism memes I was seeing, and I must stress that there were well over a dozen of them which is probably why I started noticing them, was that every single person who posted them have benefited from the social aspects of our society far more than I ever have or will, and that’s what really made me question if they actually considered what it was that they were saying. I don’t have kids. Every single one of the people who posted one of those memes that I saw has at least one child. All of them. That means benefits I’m paying into that they’re receiving include: the zero dollars it cost to give birth to their babies, those lovely baby-bonus government checks they all receive for each of their kids (unless, of course, you donate those to children’s charities because you don’t want the government’s assistance or you believe in giving back or something, in which case, good for you!), their child’s entire healthcare through to adulthood, and for some reason two different school boards so that their kids can get the best education public money can buy.

That’s right – For me, Socialism kind of sucks because I’m paying into so many of the more expensive services that I am never going to be using, and yet, for some ridiculous reason, here I am defending it. Crazy, right? Except for that it isn’t crazy. It’s part of living in a safe and healthy society, so I’m okay with that. I’d rather your kids be in school learning how to be productive people than on the streets all day doing whatever it is that a city full of uneducated children with too much time on their hands would do. Just the same way I’m okay with my tax dollars going to help feed and shelter the less fortunate because, to put it bluntly, if someone is put into the position where they have to steal or commit a criminal act to eat or feed their family, then they become an even bigger burden on society as we’ll need more police, a more robust court system (again, funded by public money), and of course the cost of keeping someone in prison where they’ll end up getting that proverbial loaf of bread anyhow, only now it has to go through many more hands and therefore costs a lot more public money to provide it.

The other thing I’ve been seeing on some of these shares is the fear that Socialism leads to government corruption. Well, I don’t really know how to respond to that except I guess to ask you to show me a political system that doesn’t come with that threat, because as I see it, as long as you have people in power there will always be the potential for them to take advantage of their positions. We just have to pick the candidate we like the best and speaks most to our values and hope that we get it right, and if not then we boot them to the curb and get the next best person into the chair and hope that they’re not as bad. We do have the power to do that, and that’s a good reminder to the corrupt that their power is only as fleeting as our collective electoral whims – Just look at the Ontario Liberal Party’s polling numbers for an example of that. Sorry to her supporters, but it doesn’t look like Kathleen’s winning anything.

Seriously though, I hope I didn’t offend anybody too much, but I just felt it needed to be clarified. Also, I’m not writing this to tell anybody where or how to vote. I’m just trying to say that when you make blanket statements like ‘Socialism Is Evil’, you’re kind of telling me that you either don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t care to know what you’re talking about, or don’t mind if you look kind of foolish in some sort of effort to take a stance against what you perceive to be your opposition, and I know each of you and you’re all better than that. I mean that wholeheartedly. If you’re against the NDP in this election then say you’re against the NDP, but don’t say you’re against Socialism because if you live and enjoy your life in this (or any) society, you’re clearly not. No matter who gets your vote, you are voting for a Socialist system. Understand that. Complain about specific aspects of that system if you want, but to call Socialism evil and to call for its abolishment is clearly against your best interests, so maybe hone your arguments a little better, I guess? I know we’re living in a time of misinformation, fake news, and ‘alternate facts’ or whatever, but come on.

Unless you’re one of those crazy left-wing Antifa Anarchists who want no form of government at all, of course. Those guys and the Fascist Dictators at the other end of the spectrum are really the only ones who are against Socialism.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Peace and love. And in this case, Socialism.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I grew up at the height of the Cold War.  In the 1980’s complete global annihilation was just the push of a button away and could happen at any time.  Between our friendly neighbours in the United States, and the evil communist aggressors of the USSR, there were enough nuclear weapons to entirely wipe out every living organism on the planet twenty times over.  In my adolescent mind, the end of literally everything basically came down to the whim of a lone man or woman (thank you Margaret Thatcher for allowing me to say that) in a room some place that was thousands of miles away from where I lived.  The world was on the brink utter destruction every single day, yet I feel more afraid now than I ever did back then.

Ever since I flipped on the news on Friday at 4:45PM Toronto time, my mind has been aflood with the chaos and horror that has permeated throughout the news and social media with an understanding abundance as we find ourselves as a culture once again trying to make sense and to find some human comfort and solace in the midst of abject terror.  It was horrible when it happened in New York fourteen years ago because New York is our cultural home, where so many of our great novels, movies, television shows, and music soars out to a world that longs to hear what it has to say.  It’s horrible now in Paris because the City of Lights is the city of our dreams, home to art, romance, and the modern concept of freedom and liberty as an alienable right for all people.  It’s horrible nearly every single day when it happens anywhere, as it so tragically does.

Terrorism when carried out in such a brutal and evil manner as this is sickening, heartbreaking, infuriating, rage-inducing, and just plain old sad and depressing.  When this latest horror was still taking place, a friend on Facebook asked the very simple question: “What do they want?”  To which I flippantly replied: “To perpetuate hate.  That’s all that ever comes of nonsense like this.”  I meant that, and I still do.  The people who carry out such atrocious attacks on innocent people who have no pony in their race, who open fire on average people out for a nice dinner on a Friday night after a long week of work or shaking their shit at an Eagles of Death Metal concert, the vile beasts who want to take the safety, security, and enjoyment out of all the things that make our open society so incredible and send a suicide bomber into the centre of it all to spread waves of terror out among us, they are a real enemy and a serious threat, and even a staunch pacifist like me knows with unflinching certainty that something needs to be done to ensure that these types of atrocities never happen again.  I am not content to live in a world where a single child anywhere is afraid to go to the market for fear that they may not make it home again.

So, the question is: Where do we go from here?  For the first time since WWII, France closed her borders on Friday night – A reasonable and justifiable response amongst the confusion of the evening.  What hasn’t been as reasonable or justifiable are some of the responses I’ve seen in the media or on the internet, and I respectfully invite all of you who are spouting hyperbole and vitriol-fueled racism in helping to find an acceptable answer to all of this, because I don’t have one.  How does one respond to violence that seemingly has no motive other than to create chaos?

This isn’t like Hitler marching over Europe in the 1930’s because Hitler had a country and a military industrial complex at his back – something physical for freedom lovers everywhere to wage war against.  ISIS doesn’t have that.  They don’t have a government, and they don’t have an army as much as they have a bunch of disparate militias.  ISIS are an idea more than they are a group, and how do you declare war on an idea, especially when the believers in whatever that idea is are spread out in and amongst innocent people who are only trying to live peaceful lives?  The thing is, we’ve been trying to fight this war for decades already, and I honestly can’t look at it with any objectivity at all and not realize that it’s not working out very well for us.  To call whatever we westerners did in Afghanistan and Iraq a success in any way, shape, or form, would be akin to calling Jay Leno a funny guy – You may want to believe it because of the way it’s been packaged and sold to you, but it’s just not true.  And don’t try coming back to me with “Well, we got Bin Laden,” because we got him neither in Afghanistan nor Iraq, but hiding within the borders of our supposed ally Pakistan, and don’t dare bring “Well, we got Saddam” into the argument because, firstly, he had nothing to do with any of these terror attacks on the west, and all we really accomplished with our police actions in Iraq was to destabalize a huge region in the Middle East and allow ISIS a highway within which to speed and spread their evil throughout. From my perspective, we’ve gone in and infiltrated areas where we weren’t wanted and didn’t really have any business being in the first place, killed people, destroyed property, and then walked away and go on to actually wonder why the people’s whose lives have been trampled upon might possibly hate us.

So, again, where do we go from here?  I see a lot of people saying that this is a Muslim problem.  It’s Islam rearing its ugly, hateful head.  And yes, that’s true to the degree that the people perpetrating these crimes have been Muslims, but to say that all Muslims are evil because of ISIS is a really frightening leap to make.  There are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world.  At our estimates, there are about 40,000 people in ISIS, but by ISIS’s own boasts that number is actually closer to 200,000.  Now, keeping in mind that I’ve never been one to brag about my incredibly poor math skills, even I am able to work out that even with the exaggerated number of 200,000, that means that only .0001% of Muslims are ISIS, or one blade of crab grass on an entire eighteen-hole golf course.  Would you burn the entire fairway just to rid yourself of one weed?

But this where we seem to be coming – People are scared, we no longer feel safe, and unlike the abstract threat of nuclear winter, these terror attacks are real, visceral, and continuous.  They’re nearly impossible to stop because of the very freedoms we love and that are under attack by these extremists protect our right to privacy, and in order for our rights to remain protected, everybody’s rights must remain protected.  That is the paramount hallmark of our free society.

I think the question we need to ask ourselves is not what do the terrorists want, but rather, what do we want?  Who do we want to be in light of these attacks on our civilization?  The next logical steps, if we look at history, are to further marginalize our Muslim neighbours – We’ve already started to take steps to do this in Canada with Bill C-51, but is deeming someone a second class citizen really the smartest way to take a person who may be questioning their place in society and sway them towards the realization that democracy and freedom are better for everybody?  What are we telling them by doing this – Our way of life is better for everyone, but maybe not so much for you?  Oh, you’re already angry at a perceived racism that’s been suppressing you and impacting your psychology for years?  Well, let’s just make sure to increase that disenfranchisement for you.

Seriously, where do we go from here?  The first steps that are already being recommended already smell a little bit too much like fascism to me, and after these don’t work, where do we go next?  Do we start a Muslim Registration Act?  Make them wear silver moons on their coats so that we can easily identify ‘them’?  Do we exile them after stripping them of their citizenship, thereby creating even more refugees?  Or perhaps we should just put them in camps!  I’ve heard that worked out really well in WWII… And I’m not just talking about the Nazis, as any Japanese person living in North America at the time will heartbreakingly tell you.  And if it does come to camps, I think we all know where it goes from there…  Or, maybe you’d suggest doing what Bosnia did in the early 1990s and just rounding up all the Muslims and shooting them down indiscriminately?  Or, no, wait, we deemed that a war crime already, so clearly we can’t do that again.

I do want to editorialize for a moment and remind all of you who are spouting and preaching hate and intolerance without any semblance of critical thought applied to the subject, this is where you’re solutions are most likely to lead, so maybe think before you speak and react.  Nobody wants to look like the next Hitler or Milosevic.

So, again, I’m sadly left wondering where do we go from here?  Our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, wants to pull the six Canadian fighter-jets we have engaged out of the civil war in Syria, and I can’t say that I honestly disagree.  We’ve already proven that violence only begets more violence, and it’s not like he’s pulling us out of the military effort completely – He would just rather concentrate our funds and our efforts on training Syrian ground-troops so that they can fight and win their own civil war.  What a concept, right?  Why are we blowing up neighbourhoods filled with civilians when we could be training the civilians to take up arms and protect themselves from the ISIS incursions?

Personally, if I’m going to be completely honest and transparent with you, I would like our troops to be out of Syria altogether.  There are reportedly 20,000 ISIS fighters in Syria right now.  I believe that number because they’re only holding pockets of the country right now, and I believe it even more because they haven’t attacked their sworn enemy and neighbour to their direct south, Israel, yet and risked waking a military with an actual vested interest in their destruction because they know they’d be decimated and none of the surrounding Arab militaries would have their back because they hate ISIS much as the rest of us do.  But it’s really these surrounding Arab militaries I want to talk about here.  Why are the US, Canada, Russia, et al, involved in Syria at all?  Between the surrounding Arab countries, you know, the ones who stand a direct threat from ISIS coming in and taking the minds and hearts of their citizens, they have standing armies totalling approximately five million soldiers were they to unite in a short coalition to protect their Syrian neighbours.  Five million versus twenty-thousand – Even with a strictly ground invasion, it wouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to a month for a functioning military to secure the entire country.  We can’t do that because we’re outsiders and infiltrators in our own right, but what the hell is stopping their neighbours from helping out?

I can’t help but feel that the attacks against us in Paris, New York, London, Sydney, Ottawa, and where ever else in the freedom-loving western world are a direct result of our continually going in and flexing our military might where it has historically been not only not wanted, but not even necessarily needed, so let’s just stop.  I’m not an isolationist, and I’m not saying we need to stop helping, but let’s stop bombing and let the natural enemies take care of themselves.

Because, yes, I haven’t even mentioned yet that this is a cultural war at the heart of it all, but not a war of East against West, or Judeo-Christian values against Muslim fundamentalism as it has been painted in the media.  This is Sunni versus Shiite.  I dare say, this is the Muslim Reformation.  We cannot direct it for them.  How would the Christians have felt if the Jews stuck their noses into Martin Luther’s business?  I think we already know the answer to that, don’t we.  Let’s leave Islam to find out what it wants its identity to be in our world moving forward – I believe that if we remove the external enemy (us) from within their midst, they’ll have no choice but to face themselves and that the will of more right-minded people who just want to live their lives and raise their families and not be forced to flee their homes for fear of violence will prevail.

So, where do we go from here?  We go home.  I suggest we take measures to ensure the security of our cities, infrastructure, and borders.  Look at our internal safety.  Investigate why so many of these terrorists actually seem to be home-grown and haven’t even spent any time in the Middle East, try to discover what’s causing them to lash out, and then fix it.  I know that we can lead by example and embrace our freedoms and our liberties by enjoying every day in a society that allows for all beliefs to come together and find the common ground of togetherness and neighbourly love.  We don’t have to be colour-blind, and we’re probably not going to stop being afraid any time soon, but we don’t have to become monsters either.  All I’m thinking is that instead of continuing to hurt, we should be concentrating more on trying to help.  That’s where we should go from here.  If they want to perpetuate hate and chaos, then let us equally perpetuate love and civility.