The Pen is In My Hand

The pen is in my hand
Its hardness in my grip comfortable and familiar
As it hovers over the pristine page spread out before it
Soon to be covered with its inky substance
Waiting to receive creation.
Do words have the power to change the world?

I believe that the true answer to that question is that words are the only thing humankind has that truly can change the world.

A tornado or an earthquake has no forethought or malice in the destruction they reap, but with a word from a man Armageddon can be unleashed upon the planet.  And that would not be possible without words.  We need words to communicate, we need to communicate in order to work together and build, and we need to build in order to invent weapons of destruction to make sure our enemies can’t build something better than what we’ve got and annihilate us first.

Words can change the world.  Words can end the world.

But I notice in my postulation above that something comes before the destruction.  Words first lead to communication, providing us the opportunity to work together.  Instead of using words to tear down, we need to hold on to the thought of using them to build up.  It’s inherent in the premise that we need to work together in order to tear apart, so the onus of social evolution is really on us to finally learn how to hold on to the first part without succumbing to the second; we need to learn to work together towards something other than ideas that continue to pull us further apart.

If we could all just stick on communicating with each other it’s beyond imagination what we could truly accomplish as a species and a civilization.  Instead of continually picking apart each other’s differences, we should be talking about the things that we have in common.

The planet.  Family.  Community.  The desire to do well.  A will to succeed.  The hope for safety and security and a place to call home.  We all want water to drink and food to eat.  Air to breathe is always a winning concept no matter who you ask!

We want a better world for those who come after us, and we want a happy world for ourselves even sooner than that.

And here’s the shocking part, or, shocking to me, anyhow.  None of those things sound like they’re wildly outside of the realm of possibility, even within our own lifetimes.  Really, with a little respectful conversation and some realistic problem-solving skills applied, none of these wants or needs or desires sound implausible at all.  In fact, with a little bit of common-thought communication and cooperation, most of it actually sounds pretty easy.

We all just need to use the right words with each other.

Words can change the world.

The pen is in my hand.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but you can’t write the word ‘sword’ without a pen to make the ‘s’.

The word is mightier than the pen and the pen is in my hand.

We can all hold pens in our hands.  Instead of using these false phalluses to assault with harsh and bitter derisions of division, let’s use them to write wild words of wonder and imagine a way to create the world we all really want.

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