AMEND (verb) –

  1. To make minor changes to (a text, a piece of legislation, etc.) in order to make it fairer or more accurate, or to reflect changing circumstances.
  2. Put right.

Stop telling me that the Second Amendment is sacred, as though written in stone like words on high given with divine providence.  Saying that – believing that! – shows that you either don’t care, don’t want to care, have no ability to critically think, or have just simply given up in defeat.  It can be changed and it must be changed, and that very needed change is implicit in the word itself.  Amend – To change; to put right.  I mean, come on!  Do I really have to spell it out here?  The Second Amendment itself is a change from the original, apparently not so Almighty Constitution, so if you can’t recognize that it’s time to amend again and pass laws that will stop this insanity from recurring, then shame on you and the world is worse from your willful blindness to see what’s right in front of your eyes.  With the current laws, it was illegal for this kid to buy a handgun, but a high-powered assault rifle is no problem?  Are you fucking kidding me?  It’s time to amend the amendment.  It’s well beyond time to make things right.

This is not directed at any one person in particular, but rather in response to far too many comments I’m seeing all over the internet today. I know I have gun enthusiasts and responsible owners amongst my friends, and I’m sorry, but your hobby kills and needs to be taken more seriously by many of your peers.  I have friends and loved ones whose kids go to that school.  I was as terrified yesterday watching the news as I was seeing the plane smash into the second tower on 9/11.  Maybe more, actually, because I had real faces and names of people I know and love to add palpably to my fear.  I still can’t come anywhere near imagining the horror my friends were going through yesterday waiting to hear if their children – THEIR CHILDREN – were going to come home from school alive.  My anxiety was as high as it has ever been, so to even try to imagine theirs?  Impossible.  None of my friends lost their children yesterday.  Some of their friends were not so lucky, and that spilled blood is on many hands.

And please don’t anyone come back at me with the bullshit about the need for an armed militia in case the government goes off the rails. Your government has weaponized drones, heavily armoured tanks, a goddamned air-force, chemical weapons out the wazoo, and the ever-loving atom bomb. Your assault rifle is a stick and a stone in comparison and you know it. And if your argument to that is that you need to be prepared to stand against your government and therefore the laws should be even looser, to put it bluntly, you’re an idiot. A dangerous idiot.  To be on even-ground with the government you’d basically need to allow anyone to own a nuclear bomb.  Anyone.  The dumbest and craziest kid you knew in school.  Your argument is foolish and moot and you know it, and the current gun laws in the United States as they stand today are flat-out insane, and you know that too.

I end this as I often do with the urging to call your representatives, local, state, and federal, and make some noise.  And if turning a whisper into a shout doesn’t work then buy a bloody megaphone.  They can’t ignore you if you don’t let them – it’s their job.  The gun lobby may have more money, but the people have more votes and the smart politicians know which one is really worth more.  Your voices will be heard if enough of us are all wailing the same thing.  Push them to make the change.

Amend.  Put it right.

The Pen is In My Hand

The pen is in my hand
Its hardness in my grip comfortable and familiar
As it hovers over the pristine page spread out before it
Soon to be covered with its inky substance
Waiting to receive creation.
Do words have the power to change the world?

I believe that the true answer to that question is that words are the only thing humankind has that truly can change the world.

A tornado or an earthquake has no forethought or malice in the destruction they reap, but with a word from a man Armageddon can be unleashed upon the planet.  And that would not be possible without words.  We need words to communicate, we need to communicate in order to work together and build, and we need to build in order to invent weapons of destruction to make sure our enemies can’t build something better than what we’ve got and annihilate us first.

Words can change the world.  Words can end the world.

But I notice in my postulation above that something comes before the destruction.  Words first lead to communication, providing us the opportunity to work together.  Instead of using words to tear down, we need to hold on to the thought of using them to build up.  It’s inherent in the premise that we need to work together in order to tear apart, so the onus of social evolution is really on us to finally learn how to hold on to the first part without succumbing to the second; we need to learn to work together towards something other than ideas that continue to pull us further apart.

If we could all just stick on communicating with each other it’s beyond imagination what we could truly accomplish as a species and a civilization.  Instead of continually picking apart each other’s differences, we should be talking about the things that we have in common.

The planet.  Family.  Community.  The desire to do well.  A will to succeed.  The hope for safety and security and a place to call home.  We all want water to drink and food to eat.  Air to breathe is always a winning concept no matter who you ask!

We want a better world for those who come after us, and we want a happy world for ourselves even sooner than that.

And here’s the shocking part, or, shocking to me, anyhow.  None of those things sound like they’re wildly outside of the realm of possibility, even within our own lifetimes.  Really, with a little respectful conversation and some realistic problem-solving skills applied, none of these wants or needs or desires sound implausible at all.  In fact, with a little bit of common-thought communication and cooperation, most of it actually sounds pretty easy.

We all just need to use the right words with each other.

Words can change the world.

The pen is in my hand.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but you can’t write the word ‘sword’ without a pen to make the ‘s’.

The word is mightier than the pen and the pen is in my hand.

We can all hold pens in our hands.  Instead of using these false phalluses to assault with harsh and bitter derisions of division, let’s use them to write wild words of wonder and imagine a way to create the world we all really want.