Quick Reply to Some Comments Left On My Facebook Post

The following is in response to most of the comments made on a picture I posted on Facebook yesterday in reaction to the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords. Apparently I wrote too much for a Facebook comment to handle, so I’m putting it here in my blog instead, and then linking the blog to the comment section. Best I can do.

Here’s the post in question just in case you’re somehow linking to this from elsewhere, but it’s basically just a picture of me giving the bird outside of Trump Tower and asking when the US is going to realize that many of the rest of us see them as the villain in the current political narrative if you don’t want to click through: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10158918152675601&set=a.10150273601230601.533444.849670600&type=3&theater&notif_t=photo_comment&notif_id=1496347815024780

And here’s my reply to my friends who commented:

I appreciate the feedback – both positive and negative – that I’ve gotten from you all. I don’t have the time or energy to reply to all of your comments individually, so I will instead just quickly make this blanket statement to cover as much of this as I can, and then get back to work, and thanks for giving me something interesting to do over my lunch-hour.

First of all, on a professional level, Trump pulling out of this deal and pretty much everything he’s doing is incredibly good for me on a financial level. I don’t share too much about my work on social media because I try to keep the two as separate as possible, but believe me, the chaos down south is becoming increasingly profitable for some of us. Also, I don’t have children, so really, at the end of the day, what do I really care if the Earth has breathable air a century from now? My genetic code will have long been retired by then. So, for me personally, the only pony I’ve got in the environmental degeneracy race is actually on the side I’m politically against, albeit only tangentially related. So you’d think I’d be happy with this, right? I mean, I like money, and I like opportunities to make more of it. And yet I’m against this. Strange… Maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe issues concerning our all-encompassing environment aren’t all about me… Crazy, right?

Regarding call Americans villains – You are. I do not mean you personally – I certainly don’t think that my beautiful Bubbie Stella was a villain and she was American – but you do seem to be moving backwards and directly against the common-sense dictates and needs of the planet at large. And that hurts me in my heart and my soul. I love America, I love the American Dream, I love your sprawling landscapes, I love your diversity, I love so much of your culture that has absolutely helped to shape and dictate my personal values, forming me into the person I am. I lived in your amazing country for eight years, got my degree there, fell in love there, got my heart broken there and possibly may have broken some as well, had times both good and bad, got married there, and I still love coming back to visit. I moved away in 2004 because I couldn’t justify my tax dollars going towards funding what I considered to be the highly unjustified war in Iraq – It was a hard decision, an expensive decision, and for me it was the right decision. Money talks and bullshit walks, right? So I took my money and walked away from that bullshit, and I’d be doing it again if I still lived down there now. Sorry, but it’s true. Because, as I stated above, in the current narrative as I see it, you are the bad guys right now on the global stage and the rest of us are just perplexed about what’s going on over there and how quickly it all seems to be happening. That does not mean Americans as individuals are villains or bad people, and if you think that’s what I was saying then I must ask you to please check your ego because when it comes to discussing global politics, you personally don’t count for much. Thankfully for both of us, neither do I. Your current administration, on the other hand… For socially conscious and environmentally aware people, they are currently pushing you guys back into 20th Century, and unfortunately 20th Century technologies and solutions are both unsustainable and incredibly dangerous to the world around you, particularly to your closest neighbours like us here in Canada. The rest of the world is calling on you as individuals now to stop your government from being the villain in this story – Pepper your congressional representatives with your opinions, pester your senators with your complaints, make your voices be heard not only during the election cycle, but constantly. Remember, your government works for you – You pay their salaries. If they’re no longer representing your interests, tell them to smarten up or to find a new job, and then follow-through with that in November (or whenever the next election cycle comes around). I’m not going to go in particulars about why Hillary lost because at this point that doesn’t matter, but I will say that if more people hadn’t just assumed she was going to win because ‘Trump is crazy’, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Make your voices heard – It’s not only your right, it’s your responsibility!

Now, down to the actual business of pulling out of the Paris Accords. I, too, have made deals that have ended up being perceived as unfair due to changes in the economic climate. I, however, as a business person who believes in the honouring my word, do not just arbitrarily pull out of those deals. What I do in those situations is that I approach my relevant partners with a concern, or conversely they approach me, and we talk about the issues and renegotiate from there. I don’t just say, “Fuck you, I don’t think this is fair,” and walk away from the table, firstly because I have integrity and believe in being true to the needs of the original agreement as much as possible, and secondly because of the complete and utter disrespect that would show to my clients and other interested parties. We then come together and renegotiate while still honouring the spirit of our now disputed contract. Because, trust, integrity, and being true to your word and delivering what you promised is the only way to be truly successful in any relationship – personal, political, business, or otherwise. If you can’t be trusted to follow through on your pledges, then people will rightfully not trust you to do so in the future. At least not in my experience. Good deal or bad, America made the pledge to do take part in the global actions against climate change, and then yesterday they pulled out, with the platitude that maybe they’ll come back and renegotiate in the future. Maybe. That’s bad business practice. At least with NAFTA the US didn’t just back out, but rather said it’s time to renegotiate – Scary for me as a Canadian, but at least respectful enough to let me know that you still want to partner with us, but feel the need to change the terms so that they’re more realistic with the current climate – Good business. See the difference?

With thoughts toward those saying the picture and words I’ve posted are a rhetorical low-point and overly hyperbolic at best, let me simply reply with a quote from the man himself, the illustrious 45th President of the United States of American, and say that “I like to grab ‘em by the pussy,” and let you figure out for yourself what I mean by that. Also, stop getting so butt-hurt over small and inconsequential things. At least I got you engaged, right?

This sentiment about being overly sensitive goes to my friends on the Left as well, by the way. Stop making mountains out of molehills because soon we’ll be surrounded by so many mole-hills that we’ll no longer be able to see the mountains. He made a typo. He touched an orb. Big fat hairy deal.

And in that respect, one last thing – I’ve seen a few of you accuse me of being a Liberal and a Leftist. I actually don’t think I’m either of those things. I’ve certainly never signed up or joined any political parties. In fact, the only two clubs I’ve ever joined are “The Swedish Chef Fan Club” when I was seven, and U2’s fan club because I got to get me those concert tickets, son! Though this may shock some of you, I’m actually highly aligned with mostly conservative values in many of my personal philosophies. Yes, I do lean heavily to the left on social issues, but fiscally I’m rather conservative, and I think I actually fall pretty firmly in the middle of the political spectrum. I am no bleeding-heart liberal, and I’m also not a cold, calculating conservative. I don’t play party politics. I vote for whomever makes the most sense to my world-view at the time. I read and watch at least three different news sources that provide different angles so that I can come at any situation holistically and make an educated opinion from there, and that seems to work for me – someone even called me ‘normal’ earlier this week, so I guess I’m doing something right. I’m a party-politician’s worst nightmare because I don’t align any one way. Has that method ever failed me? Well, Justin Trudeau is in office breaking some of the bigger promises that I voted him in for, so yes. But it still makes more sense to me rather than just blindly saying “Liberal” or “Republican” and backing that team no matter what, even when the values of those parties move so far away from what originally attracted me to them in the first place, which from what I hear from a lot of my Republican friends south of the border is kind of what they feel like has happened to them over the last ten or so years. But they still vote Republican because they simply refuse to vote Democrat based solely on an ideological label, even when they admit that it’s not in their best interest. In what world does that make sense? Because it doesn’t make sense in mine. Think critically, question everything, and stand up for your causes and passions. Those are the only politics I believe in.

Thanks again for your comments and opinions. I truly do appreciate them even when I disagree with them because, unlike America and the Paris Climate Accords, I believe we need to keep the conversation going if we ever hope to move forward together as a species.