Well, the Daily Page of Jamie has turned into the Randomly Occurring Page of Jamie.  Ah, the best intentions…  Sadly, my wife is in the hospital.  She had a liver bisection to remove a tumor and has had some pretty serious complications.  It’s scary.  Because of this, I’ve been spending roughly 20 hours a day at the hospital, working on about three hours of sleep a night.  Tonight that will be considerably less as I had to do my laundry – I’m totally out of underwear.  I was planning on leaving the hospital early, but there was a fiasco with my wife’s IV leaking into her arm and blowing her hand up to the size of a Howie Mandel Over The Head Balloon Glove – most frightening thing ever when it’s for real, by the way – so I had to wait and champion her until they finally got it fixed and got her hooked up to her pumps and tubes again.  Got home, still needed to do laundry, so I set out with the best intentions to get it in and done by no later than 1:30.  The issue?  The drier in my building is a total piece of merde (excuse my french), so now I have to run the cycle again.  Merde, indeed.  Yet another sleepless night.  I think my brain is melting into my spleen, and I don’t even think that’s possible.